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George Orwell

            George Orwell was a man of many political ideas. He wrote many books about his political views. He was born of Eric Arthur Blair and Ida Mabel Blair in 1903 in Motihari, India. George did not enjoy school one bit. Orwell wrote about some of his unfavorable prep-school experiences. Orwell also failed to receive a scholarship to prolong his schooling. .
             After being denied scholarship, Orwell served in the administration of the Indian Imperial Police from "22 to "27. He later resigned due to his disliking of the British Imperialism. George Orwell indulged in a writing career, in which he excelled, and soon became a true dominance in the writing world. Orwell was married twice. First to Eileen O"Shaughnessy, who died in 1945. Four years later he remarried a beautiful woman by the name of, Shonia Browell. Orwell's second marriage was on the much shorter end because of his death less than a year later. .
             Many of the books he wrote were related to the previous jobs he had. He wrote two books about the disliking of the British Imperialism. Orwell was working low-paying jobs upon his return to Europe. In 1928, he opted to become a professional, full-time writer. Two years later Orwell became a regular contributor to the New Adelphi. Orwell wrote a lot of his jobs. Orwell was a novelist. He wrote many famous books, "1984," and "Animal Farm" are his two most popular books (George Orwell). .
             Orwell had a very clear style of writing (George Orwell (1903-1950)). Many of his themes commonly were about the government. Orwell was very critical of government and politics in his plots. Orwell was a very philosophical man. He took many stands of governmental issues, and let many people know about these issues. Orwell lived while the world as a whole, was really struggling. He ventured to Spain, to write about their Civil War. The bulk of his life was spent during a great depression throughout the world.

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