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Austrian Schools

             I was in Austria before I came here in United States. I was there for about almost a year and I went to school. Although they had very kind teachers, Austrian schools were strict and they had very high expectations.
             The schools were strict. First, you had to wear slippers in schools. If you wore shoes, you had to leave or walk bare-foot in the classroom. Second, they wanted to keep every little place of school neat. For example, if someone dropped a little tiny bit of water or cola, they would come right away to clean it, instead of waiting until the school day finished and then clean it up. For addition, you couldn't fight. While I was there, I didn't see a single fight, because everything was under control very well. But if a fight happened, Teachers and students wouldn't go to stop it because maybe they would get hurt or arrested by the police. Someone would always call police, and the police would always arrest the participants. Finally, if students started to cuss each other, the teachers would take them to principle's office and punish them. But if it were the first time that those students harmed other ones, they would give those students a warning. I think these rules were fair and effective. They could control students better than here, where students always fight and bring guns, drugs and to school and sell them or hurt other innocent students because securities cannot stop them.
             Teachers were very kind. They would do anything that you wanted. First, they would teach a little thing thousand times if a student didn't understand. Second, what ever it was, they wouldn't get angry because they would get fired. They couldn't even yell at students because they could get fired. However, students could yell at them. For example, students could yell from every side of the class to each other. Students could yell and tell teacher to stop teaching because the bell would ring soon. But the teachers couldn't raise their voices.

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