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Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte

            Napoleon was born in Ajaccio (France) on August 15, 1769. History figure and ambiguous, he disturbs and fascinates. First Consul and Emperor, military genius and builder, he ruled despotically Europe and contributed to the modernization of nations led by France.
             First Steps in Army.
             Born in Ajaccio in Corsica, Napoleon Bonaparte joined the mainland to attend military school. After military schools of Brienne and Paris, he joined the infantry and was posted in 1787 in Valencia. In 1789, the Revolution broke out. Bonaparte takes part and gets noticed in 1793 during the siege of Toulon against the English. His sympathy for the cause of the Jacobins earned him a short stay in prison in the fall of Robespierre in July 1794.On his release, he passes under the orders of the commander in chief of the Army of the Interior Paul Barras. It acts to suppress a royalist insurrection against the Convention in Paris in 1795. He was among the officers under his command the young Joachim Murat. His knowledge of military strategy, skill, and courage on the battlefields allow it to get ahead. He was appointed the head of the army of Italy, which is in poor condition. Despite this, he managed to win it with several battles against the Austrians. Austria abdicates by the voice of his Archduke Charles signing the Treaty of Campo Formio October 18, 1797.In March 1796, he married Josephine de Beauharnais. In 1797, Napoleon succeeded by a clever political maneuver to exclude some royalists from power and protect the Jacobin republic.
             Disturbed by the popularity of General Bonaparte, the Headquarter seeks to remove him from Paris. He entrusted the invasion of Egypt. Napoleon Bonaparte took with him a hundred scientists who will bring back from this campaign the Rosetta stone. Just before the Battle of the Pyramids, July 21, 1798, Napoleon has famously said: "From the top of these pyramids forty centuries look down upon you.

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