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Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte

            Widely regarded as one of the best military and political leaders in history, Napoleon Bonaparte's achievements and reforms clearly created a positive outcome for France. One of his greatest achievements was his implementation of the Civil Code, which significantly improved the social system. Another accomplishment was the establishment of the National Bank of France, which strengthened the economy of France. An additional achievement was Bonaparte's rise in politics and his strong military force. There is no doubt Bonaparte achieved a great number of things during his rule of France. After all, a well-known and respected commander, Napoleon Bonaparte, once said, "Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them.".
             Of his many countless achievements, the Napoleonic Code or Civil Code is Bonaparte's longest lasting legacy that he has left on the Atlantic World. The code was based on the principles of equality of everyone before the law, an end to feudal rights and privileges, security of property, marriage as a civil act as opposed to religious, and the freedom to choose one's own profession. Most importantly, Bonaparte made it so all men were treated as equally as possible, which meant removing the Nobility's power and eliminating serfdom as a whole. Stopping serfdom and restricting power to the Nobility assured that the common people of France a better life. It replaced the old system where the law consisted mainly of local, feudal customs. The code influenced many other countries, especially in the Middle East to adopt its fair laws. It is still predominant in a quarter of the world's government including Europe, America and Africa. Robert Holtman, a renowned historian, regards the Napoleonic Code as one of the few documents that have influenced the world. By giving power to the people, this civil achievement had an overall positive impact on the social systems of France.

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