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Napolean Bonaparte

            Napoleon was one of the most influential people in our great world's history. In his lifetime, he managed to conquer over half of Europe. Though he ruled as a dictator, most of the people in his kingdom looked at him as their greatest hero. Even today he is revealed as one of the greatest historical figures in any period of time. He was an intelligent, cunning, and very brave leader. It is not only the French, but also all people, who know of the name Napoleon Bonaparte. Some look at him as a legend, others a peacemaker, while others see Napoleon as a ruthless, terribly hungry, conqueror. He lived at a time when the world was going through a great change. Napoleon gained his great reputation through the military, then, as his reputation was at its greatest, crowned himself emperor and boldly led the French into a new era.
             Napoleon was born on August 15, 1769, in Ajaccio, Corsica. He was originally given the name Napoleane but in French, it became known as Napoleon Bonaparte. He was the second of eight children.(World Book, 16) His mother was Letiza Ranoliao Bonaparte and his father was Carlo Buonaparte both of Corsican-Italian heritage. No Buonaparte had ever been in the military. His father, Carlo, was a lawyer who had fought for Corsican independence but after France occupied the island he served as prosecutor and judge under the French aristocracy. (Internet).
             Napoleon was educated, because of his brother's high power, at the expense of King Louis XVI at Brienne, Ecole Militaire, and Paris. Napoleon graduated in 1785, at the age of sixteen, and joined the artillery as second lieutenant.(Encarta, 2).
             In 1795, Napoleon met Josephine de Beauharnias. She was born on the island of Martiney and had been married to Alexander de Beauharnias at the age of sixteen and had given birth to two children, Eugene and Hortense. Alexander, a nobleman from Orleans, was excited in 1794. The marriage took place on March 9, 1796.

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