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            Dorothea Lange was a photographer who captured American life with her personal and revealing style. She documented the change of life in the depression, especially among ethnic groups and workers neglected by the war. Lange's early work documented displaced farm families and emigrant workers during the Great Depression, trying to escape the dust bowl as they migrated West. "Her concern for people, her appreciation of the ordinary, and the striking empathy she showed for her subjects made her unique among photographers of her day." .
             Lange's documentary style achieved its fullest expression with photographs like "Migrant Mother," which became an instantly recognized symbol of the emigrant experience. World War II opened a new chapter in her life as a photographer. During the War, Lange documented the forced relocation of Japanese American citizens to internment camps, recorded the efforts of women and minority workers in wartime industries at California shipyards, and covered the founding of the United Nations in San Francisco. Only illness prevented her from completing a 1940 Simon Guggenheim Foundation grant to travel the country photographing the American people. .
             Dorothea Lange is a brilliant photographer, she portrayed the life during the Depression the best anyone could have possibly done. The main reason I choose her was because, she was a woman and it was amazing that a woman in those years was able to be such an impressive person in society. Her style of photography is very unique in it's own way, it has a calmness about it, but also a sorrowful and a touch of reality. The pictures are not posed, but are of the people actually living their everyday lives. .

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