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             More often than not, when you turn on the television, flip through a magazine, surf the web, go to the movies, or even walk through the Barbie aisle in a toy store you are besieged by the so-called "perfect- image that society has set as an acceptable standard for people. For women this image would be exceptionally thin, considerably large breasts, and perfect hair, skin and teeth. The average media portrayed man would have a muscular and toned body, tall stature, and tanned skin .basically just what the doctor ordered. As a society, we all take pleasure in staring at good looking people. It is like candy to our eyes, which is fine, but what we are not realizing is the fact that most average people do not resemble this "perfect- image. The problem with this is that the youth looks up to these people that they see on TV, in movies, magazines, and on the internet and they strive to be just like them. This can lead to eating disorders, depression, warped image of self, and many other mental and physical problems. Who is the media to say what everyone should look like? Why are they the ones appointed to establish the okay body image? This is why I stand firm that the media needs to become more aware of the harm they are doing to young people by constantly pushing the "perfect- body image on them and begin to make a change. .
             I, myself, have had a bad experience with the whole supposed body image. Ever since I was young and aware of what was "cool- and what was "attractive- I began to evaluate myself and how I fell into these two categories. As I felt, I did not fall under either. I believed that I was not good enough to be accepted into society the way I was so I thought I had to change. By the time I got into high school and was impounded with the stresses of popularity, I was overwhelmed with a hovering sense that I needed to change in order to be perfect. The boys liked the girls on TV and in magazines so I thought I should look like that.

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