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The Chosen - Chaim Potok

             Setting: Danny is visiting Reuven for the second time in the hospital. The first time that Danny visited, Reuven told him off, proper. However, this second visit (after Reuven had a talk with his father) is different. Danny is almost welcomed by Reuven, is this because Reuven has no contact with guys his age, and from his religion? Or is it possible that the building conflict between them has turned into feelings of good will. I just don"t see how Reuven could begin to like Danny after such a deliberate act upon his person. It would seem that after Danny's attitude and words, they would be mortal enemies, yet they are talking like beginning friends! .
             I think that a lot of the change in attitude has to do with that fact that Reuven's father applied the biblical perspective on how Reuven should be acting towards his (seeming to be) aggressor. I do follow the "forgive and move on" thought pattern since it's the best way to solve long lasting personal problems. I just think that it would take some more time to accept. .
             Since Danny belongs to the same religion as Reuven (sort of) they have a bit more in common then either of Reuven's hospital companions. Therefore, Danny will turn out to be a welcome visitor in the next few chapters. I should think that Danny's repentant attitude would suffice for a peace offering between the two. I just can"t believe how quickly the two are acclimatizing to each other. .
             "But we don"t talk anymore, except when we study Talmud.".
             How!?! I want to know, how does not talking to your son make him a better man? Who and what supports this theory? It doesn"t make any sense. "Yea, I"m having a problem communicating with my son, we haven"t talked for several months." How does that solve anything? Danny even seems accepting of it, shouldn"t he be the first one to ask why. .
             I suppose that by forcing Danny to make all of his own decisions without direct input from his father will make him into a stronger man.

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