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Carter Beats the Devil

            Glen David Gold's "Carter Beats the Devil", is based in pre-Depression America during the 1920's - a nation fixated on magic. The story takes off as Carter the Great - in the middle of his wondrous magic routine - invites a special guest to participate in his show. Enter Warren Harding, the current president of the United States of America. His portion in the show is to be brutally dismembered and fed to a hungry lion. Of course, it's just magic, right? Two hours after the show, President Harding is announced deceased. Thus begins the Secret Service's search for a slippery Charles Carter who is a suspect for the murder of President Harding! .
             Though mainly based in San Francisco, California, much of Carter's magic routine is actually performed on stages around the world. Carter's immense flexibility of location gives him the upper hand of "misdirection", the art of misleading others. Luckily, Carter takes you along the ride - whether you are captured by pirates on the seas of Micronesia, cornered by a vengeful magician and his blood-thirsty dog, or cuffed, tied, bagged, stuffed into a crate, and thrown into a muddy harbor by a gang of secret service agents - Glen David Gold proves he has more than just a few tricks up his sleeve as he musters up adventure after adventure right before your eyes. Although the books exploits are nothing less of fascinating, another charming feature in the book is its themes.
             A genuinely unique aspect of the book is its immeasurable amount of themes. Ranging from magic to romance, mystery to life itself, the amount of themes seems almost endless. However, Glen David Gold performs such a great job of entertaining the reader, that on occasion it can be difficult to identify specific themes. This is due to the fact that the collection of themes and lessons are hardly noticeable as their message is smoothly presented to the reader. .
             To generate a mystical aura for the reader, Glen David Gold puts history and fiction into a top hat and conjures a population of characters, both real and imagined, reaching from the world-renowned Houdini, to Carter's wicked nemesis, Mysterioso.

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