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quality = wu li

             The novels Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert Persig, and The Dancing Wu Li Masters: an overview of the New Physics, by Gary Zukav, illustrate that individuals who are able to lose themselves can experience quality. Reality is found in the place where subject meets object. Is it commonly known that from an eastern perspective, that there is no self; there is no you or I. Reality is the awareness that there is no self. The only true reality is the relation between the subject and the object, respectively an individual and a thing. For example, when a person is listening to live music, they can only experience quality when they temporarily forget that they are standing, listening to the music and watching the artists, and that they are separate from the individuals performing. When these actualities are intentionally or unintentionally put aside one can experience the completeness that is quality. Quality is marked with satisfaction and enjoyment. The idea represented by the two novels is that to achieve quality is to experience reality.
             To experience the reality that is quality is clearly expressed in Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Persig shows that quality can be experienced almost anywhere; any pastime or work can be quality. In this novel, it is motorcycles. The main character in the book takes his motorcycle to be repaired in a shop that doesn't fix the problem, and ultimately causes more damage to his bike. .
             "At 5 P.M. or whenever their eight hours were in, you know they would.
             cut it off and not have another thought about their work. They were.
             already trying not to have any thoughts about their work on the job .
             They were involved in it, but not in such a way as to care." (cited. Zen, pg 24).
             The narrator is describing this idea of quality and reality being one. When someone does work that they don't enjoy, or for the wrong reasons it is obvious to individuals who normally experience quality.

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