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             So the carnival began, and a moderately interesting idea became a national obsession, oh well. Big Brother, trash television at its pinnacle, a dream come true for voyeurs across the world. It is the perfect opportunity for those who lack any meaning in their pitiful lives to attach themselves to up and coming "celebrities". But maybe it's just me? Am I just not seeing the entertainment in watching lazy lesbians and body builders lying around talking about their sex lives? As far as I can tell, Big Brother viewers are either perverts, or socially inept (although I assume the two go hand in hand with a lot of people). Like the scourge of religion, Big Brother wastes lives. Maybe it just brings out people hidden desires to join a gormless cult? Then again, over 4 million people can't be wrong, can they?.
             Sadly these perverse acts have become a fashion, and the people are queuing up to become part of this all out battle for ratings. The viewers take it too seriously; those who live without social interaction with civilised human beings take this as real behaviour and can get highly offended. Yes, people do do these things, but you can make anyone appear as anything when you are broadcasting half an hour a day every twenty four hours, showing only one camera at a time. Morons discussing morons, I am amused. .
             The level of understanding among idiot spectators of what the Big Brother shows are all about is so low it leaves me puzzled as to the mental wellbeing of the spectators, For instance, the phrase " it's only a game show" is repeated wall to wall, in a sort of fashionably pseudo-ironic way which really means "I"m to stupid to think about it, or even to get phrases I use about it from my own cogitation rather than from my social superiors; and moreover, I repeat single phrases they have given to me as if they were deep and meaningful and as if I were an amusing semi-sceptical free individual for doing so".

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