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Image- speech

             i am here today to talk about the way in which images are used in our everyday lives. images are presented in a way in which we as the audience wish to see them. i don't know if anyone here watyched 60 minutes the other night, but there was a really interesting story about reality television.
             This story explained it's all about the soap opera, people either watch it as they can relate or because they get the chance to escape from their own lives for half an hour or so.
             however are shows like the block and temptation island reality, one of the people interviewed on 60 minutes said "it's not scripted.we simply make the environment, they live in it" but he also said "once you point a camera at someone your taking away real reality anyway".
             Everybody wants to have a sticky beak every now and again so you could say we are all voyeristic.
             In year 12 I studied 'the truman show' directed by Peter Weir. I studied the use of the effects, messages portrayed etc. is the truman show all about special effects? No it's not, it simply follows a boy through his life, with the use of imagery to get the picture across to the audience.This becomes addictive as we the viewers wait as we watch to see what he does next.An elliptical circle is shown on the screen to reveal that their are people watching him.
             Everything truman does is controlled by Christof, the creator of this perfect world. the only thing that Christof can't control is truman's brain.All the images we see, is presented a way that we want to see them. by presenting images we like we continue to watch the shows, read the poems, and watch the movies.we become involved with the tv shows, which some times means we go out and by the clothes, products etc. the actors use.
             to me that's what image is about, advertising: they present great images which appeal yo us making us want to become more happy like those people on the television set.
             next time you watch reality television like bigbrother, the block, survivor, and temptation island: think about what the creators, directors etc.

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