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Speech Evaluation

            There's a saying that you're always your own worst critic. There were several things that I felt were terrible In my speech, but there were also some parts of it that I felt I did well.
             First off, the audio that went along with the videos was way to quiet for people to hear. No one heard the commentary that went along with the competition footage, and no one heard what was said during the interview. The laptop's volume up all the way, but it still wasn't enough. I should have brought speakers, or at least found a way to amplify the sound some more. I could have also probably added subtitles at the bottom of the video for people to read along with. I could have also added to my visual aid. There were quotes that I said that could have been added. For my whole 2nd topic on the Fun and Social side of Video games, there was no visual aid, while the topic of history had a visual aid for almost all the points.
             Then there is my actual speaking. I feel that I did not rehearse the speech enough. When I got up there, I totally blanked out. The only parts of my speech I could remember were only the keywords written on my index cards, and what was displayed on my computer presentation. Because I blanked out, I felt like I was improvising my speech. Many of the points I had on my outline were thrown out the window. I also stuttered on my words a lot while trying to find the words to come out of my mouth. There were a lot of "Ums-, "Uhs-, and plenty of stuttering. Although I felt like I was only up there for 4 minutes, I was actually up there for 9 ½ minutes. I was 30 seconds over my allotted time. That extra time was probably spent stuttering, and thinking of what I should say next. If I would have practice more and delivered the speech a little better, it probably would have been more enjoyable, which is what I was aiming for. .
             Although I feel that my speech was terrible, there were some parts of it I am happy with.

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