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Evaluation on president bush

            When asked to evaluate a speech of a caliber such as the President's State of the Union Address, it is important to consider that you are looking at a professional. The President of the United States is such a prestigious office that you would not expect to find much to critique in a negative way, although I was able to point out a few. I will examine this speech through four points: visual aspects, speech composition, aural/ verbal aspects, and overall impression. I feel that I am a creditable source to do this critique because I have had a lot of experience with speeches due to my s/communication major. I am also knowledgeable on current events and how the President compares to other speakers in the world. .
             President George W. Bush gave this speech, The State of the Union Address. He presented to Congress in the capitol building and was also televised and broadcasted over the radio for the citizens of our country to hear. .
             Visual Aspects.
             I decided to first examine the visual aspects of President Bush's State of the Union Address. His appearance was professional, he wore a black suit, which was plain but was an excellent choice for such a serious speech. He was very neatly groomed which gave him a more powerful presence because he looked classy. He has a strong camera presence. His eye contact was consistent and steady. He stared into the camera the whole time but didn't neglect to also pay attention to congress. He would look at Congress more when he was looking for support or approval but his eye contact with the camera and the American public also stayed focused. I was very impressed with the President's eye contact. I also noticed the President blinks very seldom. His facial expressions were stern for the most part but amicable at times of lighter topics. His facial expressions were one of his only gestures. He would raise his eyebrows quite often especially when making a point.

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