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State of the Union Address

            After listening to the processional commentators my evaluation of the speech hasn't change. Probably it is happened, because I tried to find something similarly view point on this problem. This comment was really well-augmented. .
             First object of discussion was the continuing war with terrorism. Most of the people understand that this not only national problem, but also is problem all over the world. And we must do something. As an example, I can provide this words of Dennis Nastert, House Speaker, R-Illions, who said: "While we have made mush progress in the war against terrorism, now is no time to let our guard down. The president is right to remain focused on eradicating terrorism and keeping the people of our nation free from harm. Congress is committed to working with the president to eliminate terrorist threats against America."" .
             In addition, Bush said that it is also necessary to prevent regimes, who seek nuclear weapons. I understand how it is important for our country, when I have read following information in official site of council of Foreign Relations. "In 1995, members of Aum Shinrikyo, a Japanese cult, released saran nerve gas into the Tokyo subway, killing 12 and wounding over 3,500 "the first recorded use of chemical weapons by terrorists. The first deadly use of biological weapons by terrorists was the late-2001 U.S. mailings of anthrax-laced letters by persons still unknown-.
             Next point of discussion was taxations reforms. I can't clearly understand how president Bush can achieve goals of permanently reducing of taxes. Perhaps, Paul Kasriel, director of economic research at Northern Trust in Chicago provide of the tools. He said that if Mr. Bush lowered marginal tax rates, it would increase the economy's growth potential without setting off inflation. Another category of people suppose that reducing taxation is not be suitable in this situation. For instance, Gary Locke, the Democratic governor of Washington said: "Now, as you heard tonight, President Bush has a very different plan.

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