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The State of the Union Address

             The State of the Union Address .
             My views of the State of the Union address are just simply that everything that bush said .
             was spun by spin doctors. According to bush the economy is getting better but the fact of .
             the matter is that from the point of when we started the war unemployment has done .
             nothing but go on the rise. Before we went to war the number of jobs that had been .
             created were in or around a thousand jobs now that may sound like a lot of jobs but take .
             that and divide it by 50 states and then it doesn't spread very far. Now bush has .
             supporters and constitutes that would argue that more jobs were created but when you .
             take the number of jobs created and then subtract the number of jobs that were cut by big .
             business you will see that the actual number of jobs will correspond to what I stated .
             earlier. Pertaining to bush calling himself helping out senior citizens with the money .
             issues that they might be having he is one of the main reasons that this money issue is .
             even an issue. Bush and his cabinet put into affect a law that would keep all citizens from .
             being able to purchase any type of prescription drug from any other country but the .
             united states. Now mind you a lot of the pharmaceutical products that we buy are .
             manufactured in Canada or Mexico yet instead the government or bush just made it .
             impossible to cut out the middle man. Now I find it funny that our own U.S. armed forces .
             doesn't buy it's pharmaceutical products from the U.S. but from Mexico and Canada. .
             Now isn't ironic that we fought the British over the fact that they wanted to be the middle .
             man and enforce their taxes and extra fees on products brought into the U.S.A. but now .
             the very government that was built to avoid this turns right around and subjugates us to .
             the same form of treatment. The no child left behind program is a stupid program put in .
             by a president that can't even differentiate the countries that he deals with on a regular .

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