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My speech

             Overall, I feel I had a lot of good arguments about Shopping early for the holidays. I knew that a speech about shopping and the holidays would be easy for everyone to comprehend. I believe I did a good job on developing my points and kept everyone interested in my speech. I think that my story was nice and entertaining so everyone enjoyed it. I feel that it help get my point across. I also tried to make sure to recap a point before transitioning to my next argument. I finally feel that this speech was a improvement from my first and second speech. The language I used was nice and simple and I did not have to define any words for clarity. What I learned most for presenting a persuasive speech or any kind of speech is that knowing the introduction and conclusion by heart helps a lot and also knowing the three main points instead of reading made a big difference. .
             I feel I was much more organized in this speech than the others. I was much more confident and that helped everything to run more smoothly. I made sure that each point was equally supported and appropriate. For my attention getter I tried to set the scene of a procrastinated shopper and the hell that they had to go through. After reviewing the video, I realized I made a couple mistakes here and there but saw that everyone was enjoying the speech and that made me happy. I feel the quote I used for my second point worked, but even though I wrote down on my card 3 step method and practiced it during the speech I forgot to do it. I noticed I never said what this means to me like I practiced but hopefully its sunken in now. My conclusion worked out ok. I forgot a couple things that I memorized but played it off nice and pulled off my final thought. .
             After reviewing the video I noticed that I pulled off a lot more hand gestures that any of my other speeches. I had my note card in my hand but used it to my advantage in some cases.

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