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Fifth Bussiness/Carl Jung

            Carl Jung once said that everyone has a shadow, or the negative side of the personality; all those unpleasant qualities we like to hide. Jung believed that the shadow is made of those things we refuse to express, be they the great evils of human nature or the lives we did not choose. He said "they lurk beneath our egos, searching for cracks through which they can emerge. The more we deny them, the harder they fight to be seen." (LaFlamme) In the novel Fifth Business written by Robertson Davies the main character Dunstan Ramsey has interaction with two people that could be considered his "shadows". Boy Staunton and Magnus Eisengrim have a sexual freedom and unafraid of it unlike Dunny; both became rich and famous while Dunny became a schoolteacher and neither Boy nor Eisengrim felt any remorse for Mary Dempster while Dunny took full responsibility for what happened to her. .
             Dunny's experiences with sex have been few and far between. As far as he states in the novel he has been with 5 women in which he was able to have a sex life of a sort. Three of these women were the ones "who usually get into affairs with men who are not the marrying kind."(Davies 117) Boy has more sexual freedom than Dunny. He marries Leola and continues to experience other women even though he is with Leola- "A man with my physical needs can't be tied down to one woman- (Davies 185) He also convinced Leola to participate in his own collection of amateur pornography and "rubbed" it in Dunny's face:.
             Boy gave me a number of reels of film and asked me to develop them for him I assumed they were pictures of the Tour and probably some of them were of the Prince.

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