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            Richard Rodriguez no longer a "Scholarship Boy"?.
             Richard Hoggart's book, The Uses of Literacy, provides his definition of the "scholarship boy"; Richard Rodriguez experiences what it is like to be a sholarship boy and shares his life story in his essay "The Achievement of Desire". Changed by Hoggart's essay, "A Scholarship Boy," Rodriguez explains what experiences he goes through and the sacrifices he makes during his adolescence to be a scholarship boy. In doing this Rodriguez pulls passages and quotes to insert throughout his writing to compare himself to Hoggart's definition. Hoggart appears to act as Rodriguez's guide by showing him the description of the scholarship boy. Rodriguez takes on Hoggart's ideas in his essay and uses them in a powerful way, not by repeating what Hoggart has said, instead by using it as a frame to relate and also dispute Hoggart's ideas.
             Hoggart can be considered as Rodriguez's teacher and higher authority because Hoggart is the one who introduces Rodriguez to the scholarship boy. Rodriguez discovers the description of the scholarship boy which defines his life and is enlightened. In this passage Rodriguez describes his realization:.
             leafing through Richard Hoggart's The Uses of Literacy, I found, in his description of the scholarship boy, myself. For the first time I realized that there were other students like me, and so I was able to frame the meaning of my academic success, its consequent price-- the loss. (654).
             Hoggart is giving Rodriguez the definition of the scholarship boy and Rodriguez is putting Hoggart's ideas to use in his essay "The Achievement of Desire". Rodriguez makes reference to Hoggart's description which Rodriguez says "is distinguished, at least initially, by deep understanding."(654) Rodriguez adds in his own personal life experiences to give the reader not only the facts but also real life understanding of the scholarship boy.

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