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Animals Quest For Power

             In George Orwell's novel Animal Farm, a totalitarian society is established by the pigs in their quest for power over all the other animals. Motivated to rise to power, the pigs use organization, knowledge, fear and manipulation to achieve their ambitions.
             In a totalitarian society, the first step of its development is organization. In the opening chapter Old Major, a boar that is respected by all, organizes a meeting with the other animals on the farm, and purposes the steps to end inequality, cruelty and exploitation by the enemy, Man. He reveals his dream of a world without man, where all animals are comrades, equal in every respect. He points out to them "Man is the only creature that consumes without producing."" (p.g.4). He identifies man as the enemy to all animals and accuses man of exploitation and cruelty. He tells them "All men are enemies. All animals are comrades."" (p.g.6). He wants them to work together in the fight against their enemy, Man. There is only one way of getting rid of Man, it is Rebellion. He warns them to "Remember also that in fighting against Man, we must not come to resemble him. Even when you have conquered him, do not adopt his vices."" (p.g.6). Old Major inspired the animals to believe in his dream and filled them with the hope of a better life. After his death, the animals led by the pigs take Major's ideas and turn them into a complete way of thinking called Animalism. The animals rebel and win. After driving away the humans, the animals set up their community and rename the farm, Animal Farm. The principles of Animalism are set out in Seven Commandments painted on the far wall of the barn for all animals to follow.
             To make the Rebellion work the animals must be educated into understanding the new system of Animalism. This knowledge will benefit the animals and will determine who becomes a leader with power and control in their totalitarian society. The pigs in Animal Farm reveal that "During the past three months they had taught themselves to read and write from an old spelling book which had belonged to Mr.

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