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Animal Farm

            "In Animal Farm Orwell insists that power necessarily corrupts.
             When the revolution of Animal Farm took place, a government was formed on the grounds of equality and a universal hatred of humans. No tyrants, no dictators and no tormentors, just every animal working for themselves and their fellow kind. What an opportunity this creates for someone immersed in greed and power, someone like Napoleon. .
             After the revolution Snowball, a leader of sorts, set out to create the farm Old Major had dreamed of, "All the evils of this life of ours spring from the tyranny of human beings .get rid of man, and the produce of our labour would be our own." He formed seven commandments from Old Major's basic ideals and had the farm in a fruitful working order. The revolution had been successful, the animals, led by Snowball, had resisted an attack from humans and the results of their labour were being spread amongst all evenly. The newly renamed, Animal Farm, was in the best shape for the animals and it had been possible without the use of corruption or power.
             Corruption is no more evident than in the form of Squealer and his tricks in twisting the truth and persuading the rest of the animals into believing, "Napoleon is always right." The power gained by Napoleon grows and grows thanks to the campaigning of Squealer, and there is no doubt he receives all that he desires from Napoleon. Napoleon uses bribery, rewards and propaganda, all linked strongly with corruption, in an obvious way to the reader but the animals are completely naive and when they discover what they have let Napoleon create; animals walking on two legs, drinking alcohol and engaging in trade, it is too late and they know then that the revolution has ultimately made the farm worse off.
             Snowball ran a diplomatic, fair and efficient farm and was concerned only with the production and the evolution of Animal Farm. The government was open to suggestions, and all topics were decided on a vote.

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