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Behe and Intelligent Design

            What is Behe's case for Intelligent Design? Is this case convincing?.
             In the paper titled, The Modern Intelligent Design Hypothesis Michael Behe puts forward the argument that some biological systems at a molecular level are the result of deliberate intelligent design (a maker). Behe rejects the idea that evolution (natural selection) can account for the existence of biochemical complexity in the living cell . Instead Behe tries to show that many complex machines found in nature could not possibly be formed through successive, step-by-step modifications as many scientists envision. .
             Behe begins his paper by marking an important distinction between his modern argument for Intelligent Design and the argument presented by William Paley, "The most important difference is that my argument is limited to design itself it is not an argument for the existence of a benevolent God, as Paley's was". Basically Behe wanted to establish the idea of Intelligent Design without also having to prove that the designer needed to be omnipotent or omniscient. Instead he preferred to leave the identity of the designer open, therefore freeing his argument of problem's that weighed down Paley's. Behe regards his theory as "scientific" (like the theory of the Big Bang that can justify itself by physical data), rather than "theological" (based on christianity). However he also notes that his argument for ID is "tentative" and potentially "falsifiable" (able to be overturned at any time if science could prove a system came into existence via natural selection). Therefore Behe's argument for Intelligent Design needs only to show that it is the best argument available thus far. .
             Below is an example of Behe's argument for Intelligent Design that attempts to disprove Darwinism's claims of evolution being responsible for complex biological machines:.
             1. There are cases in which the presence of irreducible complexity leads us to correctly infer intelligent design.

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