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Creation Myths

            The different civilizations in this section had an explanation of creation, which closed the large hole in explaining their culture and there very existence. The Winnebago Indians believe in the myth of the Earthmaker having to give man many things before he may speak. The Omaha Indians believe that all things were in the mind of Wakonda, all creatures, including man, were spirits. Polynesians believe in Ta"aroa, the supreme being, the creator of the universe. Maidu Indians believe in the myth of Turtle, Father of the secret society, and the Earth Initiate creating everything. Yauelmani Yokuts of California believe in the myth of Chief Eagle, who created earth with help from Duck, Wolf, and Coyote. The Central Bantu tribe of the Lunda Cluster have the myth of Bumba, who vomited up the sun and its light spread over everything.
             In the Winnebago Indians myth the Earthmaker creates man but he must give him a number of things before he will speak to him. The Earthmaker gives man a mind, tongue, and soul, but he is still intelligible, so Earthmaker breathes in mans mouth and asks it a question and he answered. The myth of their creator does not explain the creators origin which simplifies the myth.
             In the Omaha Indians myth of Wakonda all things are in the mind of Wakonda, and all creatures, including man, were spirits. They moved about in space between earth and the stars. The spirits searched for a place to become bodily existent. .
             They tried the sun and moon, without success, and tried earth, but still no dry land. Suddenly a great rock uprose from the water and burst into flames. The water floated into the air in clouds. Dry land appeared and the grasses and trees grew. The spirits became flesh and blood and expressed their joy and gratitude to Wakonda, maker of all things. Their belief was that Wakonda always existed and therefore didn't require explanation. .
             The polynesian supreme being, Ta"aroa was the creator of the universe, having come from a shell, which later became the world.

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