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12 Angry Men(I'll Kill Him)

             In the play Twelve Angry Men, Regional Rose creates suspense by using conflict between Three and Eight in the scenes involving direct verbal confrontation, the knife demonstration, and the final parting scene.
             To embark on with, the verbal confrontation scene, Three says that you cannot make some one so mad to say I"m going to kill, and not mean it, and then Three shouts, "Let me go! I"ll kill him. I"ll kill him! (147)", to Eight.
             In addition to the verbal confrontation scene, Three and Eight are reenacting the knife scene. Three is trying to provide evidence that if you are shorter than some one, you can still stab them in a downward position. While reenacting this, Three pretends to stab Eight, and then laughs about it, while no one else thinks its funny. .
             Finally, the Finial Parting scene, Three is left as the only juror still voting guilty, and Eight says that he can't stand the pressure, folds, and then votes innocent. Then, as the entire juror exit, Three pretends like he is stabbing Eight, but really he is closing the knife, and hands it to him.
             In conclusion, jurors Three and Eight have had problems 3 times, a Verbal Confrontation, a Knife Demonstration, and the Finial Parting scene.

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