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Pop Art Movement

             Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein were both important pop exponents during the Pop Art movement. Both their styles where very different but encapsulated the point of Pop Art and its look on pop culture and consumerism. Warhol is best known for his piece's "Marilyn Diptych", "Coca-Cola Bottles" and "Soup Cans" and his technique of using silk screens to create repetitions of the same image. Roy Lichtenstein was known for his use of Ben Day dots and his large-scale cartoon paintings like "Wham!" and "Big Painting VI". Both artists were two of the most prominent U.S. Pop artists to come out of this time.
             Andy Warhol began his art career being a commercial artist/illustrator for advertisement and this is where he got his ideas for pop art. He was interested in the objects of mass culture and consumerism of a post-war United States. He was interested in the way these objects were packaged, advertised and presented to a mass culture in which material goods were a necessity. His ideas are seen in his technique and subject matter of his paintings.
             Warhol wanted to mimic the production of a machine and stated "I want to be a machine; to print, to repeat, repetitiously to bring forth novelties" He wanted to create art which he removed any personal touches so he came up with a silk screening method which didn't leave brushstrokes or anything to identify the art work. This is where he got the style of repetition using a silk screen so he could mass produce his paintings and get across the point of consumerism and mass production in society.
             Roy Lichtenstein was another artist who is well known during this Pop Art period. He was trained in the traditional arts then tried abstract expressionism before painting bubblegum wrappers at the end of the 50's. By the 1960's he made the realization that cartoon figures had become a big part of American culture. He got his influences from comic books, he enjoyed the romance and the action that they provided.

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