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The Calling of St. Matthew

             Matthew" is Bernado Strozzi's depiction of how St. Matthew became one of Jesus Christ's disciples. A light shines from through a window into the painting. Eight men are depicted three counting coins, and five standing. A table with a green tablecloth centers the painting. Placed on top of it are a large sack of coins, an inkwell with a feather pen, and a book with Hebrew writing on its cover. The table is surrounded closely by four men with another four at a farther distance. From the perspective given, Matthew sits in the center. He is dressed with a blanket draped over his shoulders, and under that are another two layers of clothing. He sits in a green chair, has a graying beard, and four coins are set in front of him. .
             To Matthew's right stands a very well dressed man in red. He appears to be the youngest of the men, has no facial hair, and is leaning over the table reaching for some coins. Behind him stand two others. One is wearing a white hat, and has some facial hair. He is the only person in the painting besides Matthew who notices Christ. The other just stands and stares at the table. .
             To Matthew's left stands an older man. He is balding and is wearing a white shirt covered by a gray vest. He is shown holding a coin close to his face, staring at it intensely. In his other hand is an opened bag to fill with coins. There are two more men to the left of Matthew who are very faint and barely noticeable, and are possibly accompanying Jesus. .
             The final person, also on Matthew's left side, is Jesus Christ. He is identified by faint hint of a halo on the back of his head and is dressed the most simply of the eight men. He wears a plain white shirt and under that he wears a green one. He stands with his mouth open, pointing at Matthew, and is uttering something to him. .
             The most obvious activity shown in the painting is Christ pointing at Matthew inviting him to become a disciple.

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