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Matrix and Christ parallels

             Neo and Jesus: A Comparison Page 6.
             Nebuchadnezzar: Who was he? Page 13.
             The Matrix is a sci-fi movie that makes you think. Its main plot is that the world we live in is a virtual world and in the REAL world we, the humans, are used as batteries for the machines (our enemies). The special effects are astonishing and the writers made most of the movie, a hi-tech version of the story of Jesus in one of the Gospels. There are many parallels between Jesus and Neo (the key character in The Matrix), most of which I will be explaining in my comparison. I will also be explaining the importance of Nebuchadnezzar (the hovercraft ship that belongs to the good guys, but also the ancient king of Babylon) in the space after my comparison. I will also give a summary of the entire movie. I will explain the type of history of the movie, being: social, economic, and military. Finally, the paper will end with a conclusion and some personal observations. .
             The Matrix is a sci-fi marvel so good that with its intricate plot, combined with its, action sequences and special effects, it is truly amazing. The story begins and ends with a computer screen going through the inside of a phone. It then moves to show us Neo's, or Mr. Anderson's life and how he hates it. We meet Trinity after she hacks onto Neo's computer and tells him to "Follow the white rabbit." He does and ends up at a dance club where he not only learns that she has been watching him and knows all about him, but also that she is a woman (he also learns that he is in danger). .
             After this, we see him go to work, late, and be chased by men that resemble the FBI in some ways. He is contacted by a man called Morpheus, who seems like he knows everything, but eventually, Neo is too scared to go up the scaffolding, and is brought out of the building, in the custody of the "agents." After a strange encounter that seemed like a dream, Neo wakes up in his own bed, only to hear his phone ringing.

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