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            It's 1999, and Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) is living two lives, one working at a software company, the other as computer hacker alias Neo. When he sells a bootleg piece of software to an acquaintance, he is asked to come to a club. Hesitant at first, he goes to the club, and befriends a woman by the name of Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). She speaks to him about the matrix, knowing that he is in pursuit of the answer. The question: what is the matrix? A few days later, He's contacted by a man known as Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), and asks him to meet. They eventually meet, and Morpheus brings Neo into his world, the "real world." He reveals that the world Neo knows is merely a software program, called The Matrix, designed by machines to distract humans while they're used for fuel. The program perfectly simulates everyday life, creating an alternate universe down to the smallest detail. The Matrix is protected by Agents, programs whose purpose is to kill all who rebel against the machines. Morpheus believes Neo is "the one" who can save mankind, destroy the machines and free the world from the virtual imprisonment. Morpheus brings Neo to the Oracle, the one who knows all. She (the oracle) tells him exactly what he needed to here. A crewmate on the Nebuchunezzar (the ship they pilot in "the real world"), Cypher, betrays them and this leads to Morpheus being held captive by the Agents. Neo battles the Agents, rescues Morpheus, and saves Trinity from a near death experience. While exiting the Matrix, Neo is left outside the Matrix, trapped by three Agents. He is shot, but then comes back to life as a perfect being. Finally realizing he is "the one," his powers extend beyond all reality. He can stop bullets, fight off an offender. He defeats the agents and flies into the sky as the credits begin to roll. While ''The Matrix'' has received most of its attention for its never before-seen effects, many do not realize the parallels between Neo and Christ.

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