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Love in William Shakespeare

            William Shakespeare defines love in different ways in his writing as either being romantic love, lust, or mature love. He describes to the reader how love can sometimes be so mature that you would do anything for that person or how love can come between a couple that could ruin the rest of their lives. However there is also the unpleasant love that can be artificial and have its up and its downs. This type of love may not always be perfect. This makes you realize that love does not always have a fairytale ending. .
             "Romeo and Juliet" is a play written by William Shakespeare, which has a romantic love, but however, ends as a tragedy. Romeo and Juliet is a tale of two star-crossed lovers who secretly fall in love behind their families back. In the play love is violent and the two couples are soon to realize the affects on their family and friends. The two fall in love not knowing that their love for one another was going to be the cause of their deaths. Love is very powerful in this play and also portrays passion of being in love or hate. The play ends as Romeo mistakingly thinks that his Juliet is dead. He then kills himself as she awakes. She sees that Romeo is dead and takes her own life to be with him. Shakespeare shows the reader how love can affect a person's life when you feel strongly towards another that you would take your own life to stay with the one you love and never be separated. .

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