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Do they or Don

            Steroids, a performance enhancing drug has become more popular as the years go by. Looking at the results from taking these supplements however; more and more athletes are turning to steroids to get bigger, stronger and faster. They are looking for an edge in performance. Athletes want their bodies to be in top shape in order to perform at the level they desire. They workout in the gym, watch what they eat and try to get bigger and stronger. In today’s “instant” world it takes too long to notice any results in a short amount of time. People and athletes want things right now. Athletes have turned to steroid use to enhance their performance, feel more comfortable with their body, and see faster results when working out, even if it results in death.
             There are many reasons for taking performance enhancing steroids. To enhance the athletes’ performance they use these supplements to better their physique, and improve their performance level. Athletes are never worried about how much steroids cost. All they need to worry about is getting to the point of being too big and not being able to perform as well as they should. Steroids are so powerful that 50% of athletes continue to use them knowing it has the potential of harming their bodies and/or killing them. 40% of professional athletes use them now. This is illustrated by Mark McGwire’s historic home run binge. McGwire admitted to taking creatine which helped him build muscle faster. Before McGwire’s admittance of steroid use nobody knew about androstenedione, which is another name for creatine. His home run record will forever have a question mark beside it because of his steroid use.
             The sport that sees the highest percentage rate of competitors using performance enhancing drugs is bodybuilding. Many of these athletes were skinny and never noticed during their high school years. They use the steroids to bulk up, create a shield against criticism and look and feel good about their body.

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