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The John of God

            This essay I will be presenting, an article I read about, the John of god. Joao Teixeira da Faria is referred to as the John of god. The John of god is one of the most powerful medium healers alive today. He lives in Abadiania, Goias, Brazil.
             Some people say he's been a healer for the past 2000 years. Joao has a small sanctuary in Brazil. The sanctuary is open only 3 times a week. In those three days he performs amazing operations. The part that is so amazing is to perform his operations. He first goes into a trance and once in a trance communicates with several or more entities that provides him with the power to turn our bodies into energy so he is able to go in without any shed of blood. He does not use any anesthesia and sterilization. .
             As I read I heard that in one operation he used long nose forceps and a cotton swab. A person came in middle-aged woman, she has a tumor in her brain and he went inside and he performed some kind of procedure and soon when she woke up she said in the most happy voice when she woke up three days later, 'see' she said 'the tumor is gone!'.
             In another operation, a man that's been in a wheel chair for 50 years and was walking away as Joao made a simple touch in the legs.
             This is my report as the John of god and I have told you the procedures he has accomplished and had been doing for a person saying 2000 years. With medical breakthroughs noting can compare to his amazement in his procedures. .

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