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            Cartoons consist of a large amount of today's television. Many of today's cartoons show very similar relationships. Different cartoons encourage different beliefs and appeal to different audiences. Yet most cartoons tie all audiences together by targeting the children with the humorous outline and animation but also target adults with hidden subliminal messages for their amusement. When you go to watch a cartoon you expect humor. You expect to be laughing and to be excited when you favorite character comes on. .
             There are many different cartoons that appeal to all different age groups. A cartoon called "Pokemon" generally appeals to a younger group of people from ages 5 to 10. The cartoon, "Dragon Ball Z" appeals to a little older group of people ranging from 11 to 17. Then there is the cartoon, "The Simpsons" that appeals to a wide variety of ages. But as the age increases, generally the cartoon leans towards the male viewers. Many parents disapprove of their children watching "The Simpsons" due to its sometimes offensive, graphic content.
             Many cartoons bring their audiences together by humoring the children but also throwing in hidden subliminal messages for the adult's amusement. "The Simpsons" has continuous examples of this. "The Simpsons" often have special guests on the show resembling characters that only the parents would know and understand. Other shows as "The Flinstones" brought in thing that the parents would only understand. "The Flinstones" kind of brought an animated view of "I Love Lucy" to the Stone Age with Fred Flinstones famous line, "Wilma, I"m home!".
             Many cartoons seem to be similar to others. "The Simpsons," and "The Flinstones" were both about a blue-collar family here the father was kind of the slow or dumb side. The wives in these two cartoons were the smarter ones who stayed at home. In "The Simpsons," the husband worked at a Power Plant were he was never sure what he was doing.

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