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Coca Cola

            Coke is the world's largest manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of soft drink concentrates and syrups in the world. The company currently sells its products in over 200 countries. Coke sells more than 1 billion of the 48 billion drinks consumed worldwide everyday. .
             Operating Information.
             The companies worldwide businesses are broken down into: the North America Group, the Africa Group, the Greater Europe Group, the Latin America Group, the Middle & Far East Group, and Corporate. .
             Operating income from each region for 1997 through 1999 was: .
             North America Africa Europe Latin America East.
             "99 32% 4% 23% 18% 23%.
             "98 25% 4% 29% 18% 24%.
             "97 22% 3% 31% 19% 25%.
             Coke's extensive product line includes: Sprite, Mr. Pibb, Mellow Yellow, TAB, Fresca, Barq's Root Beer, Surge, Citra, Powerade, Fruitopia, Minute Maid, Dansai, and ready to drink coffees. They also have partnerships with Barcardi, Nestle, and most recently (Feb. 21) Procter & Gamble. .
             In the year 2000 the company underwent a major organizational realignment that placed more responsibility and resources in the hands of local business units worldwide. The realignment reduced local inventory levels to an "optimal" amount and lowered revenue expectations for the first half of 2000 by $.11 - $.13 cents per share due to less concentrate being shipped during the inventory reduction. .
             According to the 1999 Annual Report, Coca-Cola creates value for its shareholders through six core beliefs:.
             1) Consumer demand drives everything.
             2) The Coca-Cola brand is the core of the business.
             3) It will serve customers a broad selection of non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day.
             4) Coke will be the best marketer in the world.
             5) It will think and act locally.
             6) Coke will lead as a model corporate citizen.
             In emerging and developing markets, they invest in infrastructure by working with local bottlers on production facilities, distribution networks, sales equipment, and technology.

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