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A Visit to the Getty Museum

            During the course of history, art has proven to be an important culture of humanity. Not only does art teaches the history of man kind but it passes on the emotions and ideas that can not be written or verbal expressed. As history takes its course and civilization evolves, we can observe the changes and evolution in art as well. The Getty Museum has on display a variety of artifacts from several different time periods allowing us to see and imagine how life was hundreds of years ago. The museum itself is mainly divided into four buildings, each displaying different types of artifacts. Aside from these pavilions, the museum itself is an architectural artifact as well, with its beautiful gardens and buildings. .
             This museum is unique from the moment you arrive there. The parking structure is completely segregated from the museum itself so you have to take a three to five minute tram ride to the entrance of the museum. The museum is located on a hill that looks down on the LA basin and so it is almost completely isolated from any roads or freeways. The tram takes you right to the entrance and the first place you walk into is the museum entrance hall, where they have pamphlets and instruction boards which shows the whole museum and its exhibits. After you walk through the entrance hall, there is a courtyard where people can rest and buy food. This courtyard is one of the places where you can enjoy the architecture of this museum. According to the pamphlet, this contemporary architecture was designed by an American architect named Richard Meier. Almost the whole museum is built from a white stone that looks beautiful. From this courtyard you can walk into the four buildings. .
             The first building I went into was the North Pavilion. The North Pavilion is the building which has the illuminated manuscripts on display. All the artifacts in this exhibit are artifacts from before 1600 A.D. In those days, books and manuscripts were mostly hand made.

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