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Constitution and Law in America

            Constitution's Significance and Law in America.
             The definition of constitution is the act or process of composing, setting up or establishing (Websters Dictionary online). When I think of constitution I think of our "founding father's", the ones who established our governemnt and function. I am reminded of why they came over here. I think of the Constitution as the mission statement for the American government. America's set of standards. It gaurantees that we cannot stray from the vision of what we stand for. The constitution to me stands basically, for freedom of rights for all. All men are created equal.
             Our fathers were derived from a generation of people who came to this "newfoundland" because of the riticule and corruption of the government in England. They were sick and tired of the day in and day out curuption of their governent. They fought harsh weather, starvation, and disease because they were so desperate to get away. I think of desperate people who would leave all they know just to come to a place they have never seen or heard of. Of going a direction to a place they know nothing about. Leaving family, friends, church, and jobs to go to an unknown place because they suffered that much.
             Because of this appreciation for them fighting for their freedom, I understand how important the Constitution is to me today, because of how important it was to our history. The constitution is the basis for law in America. It has never steered us away from their dreams, a land of freedom for all.
             The period of the writing of the Constitution to the end of the Marshall court (from 1787-1834 )shows the institution of the new government by the men who founded it. It reflects their intentions of its implementation. .
             Their principals still affect our modern laws of today. I think that its pretty impressive that the constitution could survive hundreds of years of generations, wars, financial depressions, and technologies chamges and not be too old fashioned for today's ways.

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