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The American Dream

            What is the American Dream? As this question comes up, different people have different thoughts floating in their minds of what the American Dream really is to them. For some, the American Dream is to live their lives within the laws of the American Constitution. For others, it is the dream that is fulfilled with chances, successes, and wealth. Therefore, the America Dream comes to be the freedoms, the opportunities, and the prosperity for all.
             America is the country that holds the strongest Democratic Constitution of laws that protects the human's rights. For many years, thousands of immigrants have been coming to America searching for these rights, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." (Declaration of Independence) Within the Constitution, the people are guaranteed to be able to express themselves freely, to be created equal, and especially to put faith in their own beliefs as they wish. Overall, living the American Dream is to obtain the freedom of speech, the freedom of political, and the freedom of religion that are protected by the American Constitution.
             America has come to be the "Land of Opportunity". It has created many turning points in the immigrants" lives with its endless opportunities. From the "many useless plants, wanting vegetative mold", (from Letters From an American Farmer) the immigrants receive the chances to refresh themselves in the American Dream. They get to attain better living conditions and achieve higher education that their home countries can't provide. Moreover, each of the individuals gets the equal opportunities to develop their abilities within his or her great potential. As a result, these opportunities lead them toward successes. .
             Many immigrants are flocking to America in order to gain the prosperity that America has promised for. Out of all the countries around the world, America is well-known for its strong economy. For this reason, immigrants come to America for a future of living in wealth by opening their own businesses.

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