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Death Penalty

             "Any last words?" This is the last question that convicts sentenced to death are asked to answer.
             Death penalty is considered to be a very complicated issue since there seem to be a variety of opinions that concern it. This institution has caused a rather big gap as many people believe that the best thing would be to do away with it whereas others support that its existence is very important for a number of different reasons. However, people who are of the opinion that capital punishment should be abolished in the countries that still exists, claim that there are other solutions, which can "answer" to serious crimes, that could be used instead of death penalty. Both sides, those who stand for capital punishment and those who stand against it, have pretty serious arguments to support their views. Although Church is a very determinative factor, as far as the matter of death penalty is concerned, it does not seemed to have resolved its opinion.
             First of all, people who stand against death penalty, support that because it is thought to be a form of punishment, the examination of motives, which made the convict commit a crime, is a quite essential element as it may give a good explanation for his malefaction and let's not ignore the possibility that the accused person proves to be innocent. For example, the "Governor Clinton refused to stay the[ ] May 7 execution of a 25-year-old white man who was involved when he was 18 in the shooting of a police officer" but whose guiltiness could not be proved as it is uncertain that "he himself pulled the trigger." Moreover, they are of the opinion that capital punishment is an inhuman and pointless action as, despite the fact that a person is sentenced to death, there aren't any studies to prove that it prevents criminals from continuing committing crimes as they usually make plans of their actions and as a result, they think that they will get away with it.

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