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Debate over Columbus

            The Debate over Christopher Columbus.
             Even after an approximate four hundred and ninty four years after the explorer's, Christopher Columbus ,death, his voyage to the Americas remains a controversy. Columbus is viewed as audacious adventurer that opened up the worlds eyes to the Americas;on contrary, he is also preceived as a symbol of genocide and slavery .Furthermore,both sides of this disputation have persuasive arguments that justify their opinions about Christopher Columbus, as to whether or not he should be given reverence or admonishment for his "discovering" of the Americas.
             There are myriad reasons to explain why Christpher Columbus is considered a man of veneration. When Columbus arrived back from the his journey ,across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas,the fame,fortune and glory that he received inspired other European explorers to follow in his footsteps and explore the world.Until he had made his voyage in 1492 to the Americas, the existance of the Americas was not publically acknowledged. Therefore, he lead Europe out of its ignorance about the geography of world ,since at that time in history, no one knew much about the earth's geography since they did not have to technolgy to educate themselves. Also, another key argument that people, who favor Christopher Columbus" voyage to the Americas, strongly advocate is that he paved a path for settlement in America. Around the 1400s, Europe was overpopulated and crowded. With Columbus" "discovery" of the Americas, the Europeans found a place to migrate to, inorder to decrase their overpopulation. This path of European migration lead to form the the people of the United States of America, which is a pivitol reason of why many Americans idolize Columbus as a national hero. Moreover, his journey to the Americas triumphant because he has paved a path for European migration,opened up Europe's eys to the geography of the world,and inspired other Europeans to explore the world.

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