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Drug Addiction: Do You Have the Willpower to Overcome It?

            Survival of the fittest has always been the dictating law in nature. This has meant that those animals that were sick or maimed would eventually die out as they were less prepared to face those challenges that were presented to them in the wild. Following this principle, animals have evolved to become, on the whole, more specialized and better able to fill their specific niche. However, we as humans, have violated this intrinsic rule of nature. By utilizing and ingesting different substances, we have found a way to prolong and the save the lives of those weak and dying members of our species which has perpetuated "bad- genes and "dirtied- the gene pool. This, in and of itself, doesn't seem to have so much baring on one's life. However, if you examine the wide scope of resulting actions from the use of so called "drugs,"" then it becomes apparent that as a whole, our society has become dependent, literally and figuratively, upon these drugs.
             As society has developed, it has slowly promoted an increasingly faster pace of life. By increasing the pace at which one is forced to live promotes and accelerates the development of a more stressful standard of life. This has almost directly lead to the development of more bouts of depression and other related psychological illnesses. To combat these added "diseases- and other physical problems, we have created new drugs and compounds. In the past century, drugs have become an integral part of society and the ability to survive in the current world. With these new drugs however, come new diseases that we don't understand and need to research. For example, an unfortunate side-effect of some drugs is a positive change in emotional state, an increase in energy, euphoria, or other very pleasurable effects that causes users to become "addicted- to the substance. This "addiction- is currently under much scientific investigation to determine the psychological and physiologi!.

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