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Emmanuel Kent

            If there has been one thing that I have learned this semester in philosophy it is to .
             never be satisfied with what you already know. That is why I have chosen to do my final paper on Immanuel Kant. He is a philosopher who we did not talk about at all this semester in class, but none the less his contributions are immense. I did not want to write the typical paper on Aristotle or Plato because I already learned so much about them in class. I wanted to expand my knowledge of the subject, and this is exactly what I did. My farther died when I was very young and throughout my entire life I have asked my mother countless questions about him. One day when I was still in middle school she gave me a few boxes that had some of his belongings in it. I assumed my mother felt they were too painful to have lying around the house. In one box were a few books about Immanuel Kant. I asked my mother who that was and she had less of an idea than I did. Over the years I have glanced at these books from time to time not ever thinking much of them or the name Immanuel Kant. During this semester while I was flipping through the pages of our textbook I came across Kant's name. My interest to find out more about him was rekindled. This report gave me the perfect opportunity to take a look into his life that I had always wanted.
             There have been many great philosophers throughout history, starting back from Plato and Aristotle all the way up to the present. One of the most renowned philosophers of all time is Immanuel Kant. He discovered and wrote about many ideas that he derived and also was extremely influential to his respective time period. A very difficult question to deal with is how Immanuel Kant's ideas of categorical imperative and duty ethics benefited society as a whole and how the categorical imperative aids society in conducting itself in a morally fashionable way.
             Immanuel Kant was born in 1724 in Konigsberg, East Prussia.

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