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Environmental Ethics: Animal Testing

            Are animals moral beings? Is it morally right for a person to test products on animals? I ask my self these questions when it comes to the topic of animal testing. All living organisms are part of an on going cycle; from the tiny particles in the air to plants to human beings, we"re all correlated in one way or another. All the things in between plants and humans need to be present for existence because one could not be present with out the other and the life cycle chain would be broken. This chain works in an orderly fashion that was created to be managed and ruled by natural resources not human judgment. So what happens when humans want to play that role of changing what has been determined? (I.e. using certain species to experiment for human purposes.) This has been an environmental issue that has many environmental scientists concerned, because animals are used by experimenters as models to test human products. But who is to say that these animals are moral beings or not? Who is to say animal testing is right or wrong? In this research assignment I will discuss the pros and the cons regarding laboratory testing on animals.
             Laboratory animal testing is important in the areas of biomedical research, product safety testing, and education. Doctors/researchers use laboratory animals to test different medicines; their reactions and side effects. As well as to develop veterinary techniques. This is good because we are able to find cures as well as remedies for minor and major illnesses. If it were not for this animal testing many cures for many diseases/illnesses would never have been discovered. The public uses animals in a negative way. They use laboratory animal testing to analyze the effectiveness and safety of many consumer products (such as cosmetics, household cleaning products, pesticides, chemicals, and drugs; this I believe is wrong.) Lastly, educators from elementary school through college use animals as part of the teaching process.

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