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Environmental Law

             In order to understand the ontological nature of Environmental Law we must start by defining Environment. If Environment constitutes a specific object, different from all other objects, the existence of a new legal system is justified, whenever it cannot be in one of the existing "branches- of Law. In a systematic approach, Environment is EVERYTHING. It is the Biosphere as a whole, as an integrated system, A GLOBAL SYSTEM, or "ecosystem-, because it is an "Ecological System."" This specific object, absolutely singular, is not regulated by any of the so-called branches of Law, all of which regulate very specific sectors of human activity, by methodological reasons of analysis. Even "International Law- which has the purpose of regulating the whole world, acts as an "interstitial- set of rules that relates national States. Each branch of law could be compared with a segment of an orange. Which is the "branch of law- that takes care of the whole orange? Of course there is no "branch- at all, because the "branches- regulate only specific sectors of human activity.
             The only normative system with a normal competence to regulate the global matter that makes up the biosphere is, currently -and while international law fails to achieve its evolution and become a communitarian or world wide system of law, -achievement that is still far away, "ENVIRONMENTAL LAW-. Because:.
             It is a holistic concept,.
             Its object is the biosphere, a global entity, whose.
             Activity subject is Mankind, conceived even without reference to time, projected into the future.
             It has a set of characteristics that we are going to mention further on.
             A) Background.
             Rediscovering the total "oneness- of the world through contemporary science particularly modern physics and atomic energy, causes a considerable impact on all levels and sectors of human culture. The world suffers from a material problem, the fast deterioration of vital systems caused by unwise and destructive human activity.

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