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Reaction Paper to Rear Window

             Jefferies was an adventurous, risk taking photographer until he was incapacitated by an accident that took place on a photo opportunity. Now, Jefferies is confined to his two room apartment, stricken with boredom, for six weeks. Confined to a wheelchair with his broken leg in a cast, he gazes out of his apartment's rear window witnessing the daily lives of his colorful neighbors soap operaic events. The sweltering New York heat forces everyone to keep their windows open at the hopes of catching a cool breeze. Days go by and things seem to never change until one stormy night when he was abruptly awakened by loud thunder and a woman's scream. This turned out to be the murder of his bed-ridden neighbor, Mrs. Lars. He witnessed the suspicious acts of the murder, Mr. Lars, and along with his companions he searches to find the truth. .
             By the use of low lighting effects and obscure camera angels, Alfred Hitchcock succeeded by making the audience see through Jefferies eyes. The whole movie revolves around Jefferies perception of the chaotic events that took place. Locked into his point of view the audience was held to feelings of guilt, pleasure, love, stubbornness and loneliness which makes the viewers aware that we all share the same pleasures and gilts. We all have the urge to gossip and peer into other's lives which should be no concern of ours. .
             The film provides a rollercoaster of senses and sensations both good and bad. The romantic friction between Jefferies and Lisa Fremont was a great addition to the movie. I was irritated by his stubbornness to accept her love. She tried so hard to reel him in and I felt her sorrow and stubbornness to have him open up to her. It is apparent that he loves her but he fought his desires because of his belief in their differences. How could he not drop to his knees for such a beautiful woman, other than being hindered by his broken leg. She pried her way into his heart by getting involved in his murder mystery escapade, smart woman.

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