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Flood Comparison

            The Chaldean Flood Tablets, spawned from the city of Ur (Southern Iraq), depicts how the Babylonian God, Ea (a god who took part in the creation of man), rendered "the end of all flesh." Nearly identical to the way.
             God covered the earth with a great rain to spite the lawlessness of man. The biblical and the Babylonian.
             interpretations resemble each other in many aspects though differ in distinct parts.
             Mankind became obnoxious, mendacious, and sinful in the eyes of God. Comparable to the Babylonian.
             story, the people were looked upon as being too numerous and too noisy. God chose a righteous man named Noah.
             to carry on the human race after The Great Flood. The Babylonian god Ea chose Utnapishtim to do the same,.
             indirectly warning Utnapishtim of the great revelation through a dream. In contrast, Noah was forewarned directly.
             through the instructions of God. .
             Noah was told to build an ark of gopher wood and cover it inside and out with a pitch, just as Utnapishtim.
             was told. The arks had an opening for daylight, a single door, along with numerous internal compartments. Noah's.
             ark was constructed 3 stories high and rectangular shaped opposed to the Babylonian chast of 6 stories high and.
             square in contour. Both arks carried all living things; man, woman, birds, beasts and creepy things. .
             The sky filled with darkness and the heavenly storms wiped out all that roamed the earth. Despite both.
             arks landing in the Middle East, Noah's ark landed on Mt.Ararat, and Utnapishti's ark on Mt.Nisir. For forty days.
             and forty nights rain poured down on earth and on Noah's ark, however, the Babylonian story was said to have.
             rained for only seven days and seven nights. Utnapishtim and Noah individually sent two birds to find dry land.
             with no avail. The third birds did not return, apparently finding dry land. Although both men released three birds,.
             Utnapishtim released a dove, swallow and a raven; Noah released a raven once and a dove twice.

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