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Food Spoilage

             Bacteria, yeast and moulds may cause putrefaidion, fermentation and moulding in food. Most kinds of food are subject to microbiological spoilage unless special methods are used for their protection. Microorganisms are usually found on the skins membranes of food. They penetrate the inner tissues only when the outer covering has been broken. Consequently an intact protective coating will slow down microbial spoilage.
             Food may also spoil through decomposition caused by the action of food enzymes. Enzymes are found in all fresh foods, and although thereon is important to the ripening of certain foods ( such as vegetables and fruits ) the continuation of this action after the peak of maturity brings about undesirable changes include the darkening of cut surfaces, the information of soft spoils, and the development of off flavours.
             Worms, bugs, weevils, fruits flies, and affected substantially, depending on the lose. In the 1994, 37 contries permitted.

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