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Hay Fever

             When I first walked in the room, I noticed the beautiful setting. The way the stage was set caught my attention even though I saw it before the play started. The setting kind of fooled me because it made me think that the play was going to be great. But when the play began, I realized that it was a waste of time and money because it was confusing and boring at times. .
             Before the play began, a man just came in and talked a little bit about the policy and then he quickly left. I didn't like how he came in and talked really quick because it seems like he was rushed or in a hurry to go somewhere. However, I felt that the transition was good because the music and the setting brought me into this new world of theatre. I knew when the play was about to start because the light was turned off and the music began to soften and fade away. .
             When the light turned back on, the actor and actress came on stage and started having a conversation. I didn't like the actions of Simon and Sorel because when they had their conversations at the beginning of this play, it looked like they were talking really close to each other. I just thought that they were facing too close to each other. It bothered me because it didn't seem like they were talking naturally to each other. Instead, it seems like they were trying too hard to pronounce the words in an accent. I got confused with the connection between Simon and Sorel. At first, I thought that they were married to each other because they were kind of touchy and close to each other. But I finally realized that they were brother and sister when they started arguing about which visitor they want to stay in the Japanese room. .
             I was able to tell that they were rich because they had Clara who is a maid in the house. I thought that the costume in the first part fit the setting because it looked like they were rich people living in the Victorian Era. But after the fifteen-minute intermission, they all changed their clothes.

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