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Health Topics

            The number one health concern among Americans today is health insurance. The entire population regardless of income, ethnicity, gender, and age is effected by health insurance or the lack there of. The type of health insurance an individual has determines the type of medical attention that will be received. If a person has really good insurance i.e. Blue Cross Blue Shield, it's more than likely that that person will attend a private practice health facility, where as one with no or government assisted insurance he/she would attend a more public facility such as the health department or local clinics. The person that attends the more public health facility is capable of acquiring a disease than one who attends a private facility. Causing more problems in that person's health. .
             Fraud is also apart of health insurance. Because of parents not able to pay for health insurance they lie on forms to try to obtain government assisted insurance i.e. Medicaid. Although this is not the best insurance it's affordable. And because this is a form of insurance, cardholders can only be turn down by those medical facilities, which do not accept Medicaid. This is better than not having insurance at all. In this case you have option of using clinics that participate in the Medicaid program, rather than going to the health department (www.gov/oig/testimony/91109oig.htm).
             Over the years a number of ideas have been proposed as to what to do amount insurance, but only a few have survived. One of the survivors includes the expansion of the State Children Health Insurance Program. The HHS secretary shalala approved the proposal. As soon as Sept.2000 an additional 16,000 children will receive health care benefits. (www.hhs.gov/news/press/2000press/20000307.html).
             Health care reforms don't stop here, but unfortunately I do. More information can be found on (www.os.dhhs.gov). The topic of Health Insurance can no doubt extend longer than two pages, but because this is all I"m required to do this is where I am stopping.

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