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             A habitat, as of an animal or plant. An institution for those who need help or care ♦ syns: Abode, Digs, Dwelling, Habitation, House, Lodgings, Pad, Place,-adv. 1. At or toward home. 2. At the center of a target. 3. To the heart or center.-v. homed, hom-ing. 1. To return home. 2. To be guided to a target electronically. .
             To many the above definition is what they believe is "home- however, to me "home- is my family. I was never privileged with being able to live in one area long enough to call it home. I do not have friends I have known from kindergarten or people who have known me for more than 5 years. Instead, I am honored with the life of a military brat. My father served our country to keep its citizens free and happy. In the process I have moved twenty two times in eighteen years. Many who consider the above definition to be true often wonder whether I regret this life. How could someone regret the opportunities this lifestyle opened to me. I was able to move all over the .
             Morabito 2.
             world, meet people from all different ethnic origins, attend dinners with heads of states at the white house, and work at Marine Land and The Astor Mansion. .
             Even though I never had close friends growing up I did have one of the most supporting families in the world. My family has stuck together threw many different trails, the most recent one being the Terrorist Attack on America. A plane flew into my father's office at the Pennington, and my cousin perished when the plane she was flying on crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. Although these attacks on our country hit home, it also bound my family even closer than we were before. Also, it was the support of my family and my history with moving so frequently that made the transition to college easier. To me no "place- is home with out my family surrounding me.
             The experiences of a military lifestyle to me are precious. Even though I will never call a town, city, or house "home-, I will always be able to fall back on the support my family provides me, and that is worth more than all the kindergarten friends in the world.

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