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Emily and Homer

            The story of Emily Grierson's life depicts the nature of the Old South and it's difference with Homer Barron's representation of the North. Faulkner points these differences out by several situations of Emily's life. Tradition plays a big role on Emily and how she is different from the changing town she lives in. Homer in this story, represents the Northern fast life which contrasts greatly with that of Emily's. The concepts of settling down, marriage, values, family, responsibility and death are also described through Emily's and Homer's relationship. .
             Emily was the tradition in the South. She was resisting to change, as are traditions. Emily resisted the new taxing laws, the new postal numbers on her house, and even improvement in living at her house. The narrator says, "It smelled of dust and disuse-a close, dank smell." (pg. 29) She lived a very loney and antiqued life without much change. The only exeption to her being alone was Tobe, her male servant, who stayed with her until her death. Traditions are lasting and leave impressions like Emily did to the town, ".our whole town went to her funeral." (pg. 28) The town also knew the person who was the exact opposite of Emily-Homer Barron.
             Homer Barron, the Yankee played an important part in A Rose for Emily. He was Emily's lover and represented the North. The North in comparison to the South, was less traditional. He lived the fast life of constant movement and change. He seemed unwilling to consider the possibility of defeat neither by tradition nor by time. He didn't like to settle in one place like Emily was. When he moved to her town, he was popular and social, very unlike Emily or the people of her town. His opinions towards family was reflected when he didn't want to marry Emily. He was not a marrying man. In the South, family was quite significant and something valuable.
             What was valuable to Emily, wasn't to Homer. Emily valued family.

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