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Comfllict in Rose for Emily

             The major conflict of this tragic story focuses on Emily Grierson who finds herself unable to function emotionally and mentally in a normal relationship between herself and a Northern gentleman named Homer Baron. Both Emily and Homer seem to have contrasting personalities, which makes the drama even more interesting. The odd pair created an excuse for the towns' people to gossip among themselves and got into wild and endless speculation as to why and how this attachment came to be. Homer was a Northerner and Emily represented the South, so that reason alone could be used to justify why the two should not have been in any kind of romantic alliance. From the offset the two created a scenario for a tragic end to their engagement as they represented two different values and social morality and infact two different worlds.
             Emily Grierson would find it difficult to sustain a meaningful relationship with someone of the opposite sex. Her father permanently damaged her sense of social independence and created a shield as far as the outside world is concern. The damage done by Emily's father resulted in her being scared for life. After the death of her father Emily was confronted with the fear of living a life of complete isolation apart from interacting with the negro servant she was completely severed from the outside world. Perhaps the fear of complete loneliness acted as a catalyst in her unstableness, which emerge when Homer appeared on the scene. Emily's disposition reflected quite and reserve. Emily allowed herself to become perserve in a way of life that can only be described as anachronistic. She displayed action that indicated that she did not know how to go of the past. Faulkner indicated this by writing,"she told them that her father was not dead, and did so for three days until so broke down, with the ministers calling on her and the doctors trying to persuade her to let them dispose of the body".

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